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maybe she's born with it

goodbye, summer

August 21, 2018


i can feel summer slipping through my fingers
as i meander across a narrow stretch of beach.
the reeds tickle my ankles,
and the breeze uproots my hair from its loose ponytail.
returning to my spot, i shed my clothes and shiver a little:
the late afternoon has brought on an unexpected chill.
still, i let myself be carried away with the ocean.
i watch my translucent feet entangle with seaweed,
my fingers bob up and down,
trailing through murky water and
briefly separating schools of dark, dusky fish.
my feet make contact with the rough, rocky sand
and i emerge from the cold
back into the raw summer air,
thick with mosquitoes and humidity.
shivering, i take down the umbrella
fold my chair,
pack my belongings,
and return to my home.


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