Mona Ster


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The woman who bled ink, died from words she couldn't say.


August 16, 2018


I know that look. 
That look you're giving me now. 
Your eyes of blue that became my mirror.
Your eyes so deep, that you know the depth of me. 
Your eyes are my window to my soul. 
I cannot see it without you. 

Sadly, no matter how much you see me, it is never enough. 
No matter how much I love your eyes, 
no matter how much I need them, 
no matter, no matter, 
you do see me, but not always, 
you do see me, but not the way I want it to be. 
You see me, yet you feel her. 


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  • August 16, 2018 - 11:36am (Now Viewing)

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