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Week 1: Baked Goods, Liquid Misfortunes, and School Preparations

August 21, 2018


Today’s shaping up to be pretty boring. Kind of just in bed, watching Ratatouille for the millionth time and playing the Harry Potter video game. I’m not really feeling great, but it’s normal (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). Moving on from that, I’m just having a lazy day with the family. We’re playing a lot of board games and stuff lately, because we can’t do that once me and my mom go back to school (she’s a teacher). Usually we’d be outside doing something on our patio, but since I’m not feeling good and it’s 95 degrees and humid, we’re staying inside. That’s all for right now I guess.

Oh, I also made homemade soft pretzels. They were pretty good, if a lot of work. Still trying to decide if they’re worth the effort to make again.

Back to school shopping is the worst. And we didn’t even do that much today. We got two pairs of shoes, some dress boots and some flats. Not because I’m obsessed with girly shoes, give me a pair of converse any day. But my school has a strict (and rather sexist) dress code. So I had to find professional, plain, but still cute shoes. The two separate pairs are needed because we live in a hill town in New England, to the weather is all over the place. Also, I got some black nail polish (2 dollars at Walmart). I currently have a personal vendetta against bright colors.

So as I’m writing for today it’s around 10:30 pm, and I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing all day, which is still sit in my basement, watching Pixar movies and playing the Harry Potter video game. Yes, I do need a life. Once I go back to school I promise this blog will be more interesting.


I got a haircut today. Ever have a phenomenon where you’re like “this haircut will be the start of a new era of hair for me!” But really you only got a trim, and once you get home you stick it in the exact same style? That’s basically me.

Anyway, I’m starting this annual tradition I have, where I count down the days until school with Harry Potter movies. I counted nine days before the first day of school (I’m counting both Deathly Hallows and Fantastic Beasts). Yesterday was supposed to be the first night but I forgot. So I’m watching one and two tonight.  There’s also a huge lightning storm outside and it’s going off after every line, which makes Chamber of Secrets a lot more dramatic.

We made homemade bread today. IT WAS SO GOOD.


So, my basement flooded today. It sucked because that meant I have to move out of it. During the summer I like to sleep down there, because it’s cooler, not to mention has a tv and is 2 floors away from my parents. But there was a huge storm that didn’t end for hours, as we’re having a random rainy season. 

Also, my school skirts came in today from Land’s End. Looks like I’m going plaid this year. I want to get some black tops to match them though.


Good news: the water is gone from my basement. The bad news is that I still can’t move down there. I’m stuck in my room for the rest of the summer. I really didn’t get out much today, but me and my dad did go for a ride in his Corvette. He loves showing off that thing to the rest of the town. I like it because it goes really fast. Funny story, I call it my twin sister because my parents found out mom was pregnant with me the day after he bought the car. 

Anyway, we’re going to the beach tomorrow so I have to go to bed early. The nearest beach is a two hour drive away and my dad’s philosophy is “Get there early, stay late”.


So, the beach was a bust. We all got up early, we had the trunk all packed up, and we started. When we started the car in the driveway it made a weird squealing noise. That wasn't that unusual to begin with, because our car is relatively old and it makes weird noises a lot. But we had never heard that noise before. We all kind of shrugged it off, until about twenty minutes later, when we realized that the sound hadn't gone away. We pulled over in the parking lot of an apple orchard a town over from mine, and there was liquid everywhere. We turned around and went home, and we had it towed to the repair place later that day. Turns out the radiator pump had broken or something, and was leaking radiator fluid. Needless to say, none of us really felt up for the beach after that.


Nothing at all happened today. I had a violin lesson this morning (I've been playing for 7 years now, give or take a few months). Other than that, I've been mostly staying inside and procrastinating on doing my summer work for school. I have to annotate this book. Even if it was a good book I hate annotating, but this book is just.... It's so slow, and it just states the moral, upfront, over and over. Shoving it in our faces. And none of the characters are very likeable. I swear I'm a book lover, I'm just picky about genre. If a teacher makes me read it I'll almost definitely hate it as well.

That said, are there any book recommendations you guys can give me? I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter (like, on untold levels. Trust me, you'll see). I've also read a lot of the currently popular series and loved them too, such as Percy Jackson (and every other Rick Riordan series), the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Red Queen.
Are there any book recommendations you guys can give me? When do you guys come back (or are you already there)? What minor misfortunes have you guys had with cars and floods? I'd love to hear your stories!


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