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2016 in Writing

January 3, 2016

I have been writing since I was eleven years old. This year, I will turn 18. I have been doing it for quite some time. It all started with a teen novel I never finished. But that's all it took to ignite the writing spark inside of my creative soul. 

Since then, I've had other writing endeavours, such as a speech for a public speaking competition - I advise you not to sign up for something of this sort, if you struggle with social anxiety like I do.  Nevertheless, the speech was good, it was the presentation that lacked in appeal for the judges.

I've discovered a love  for free verse poetry, all by myself, and a love for non fiction writing, thanks to one of the most amazing teachers I've had the pleasure of knowing. While I find poetry a far  more personal approach to writing, I have decided to leave it on the side, at least for now. As for non fiction, I currently have an internship with an online Australia- based teen magazine. It is probably up to date, one of my biggest accomplishments. While I'll still carry on with the magazine, I do have some projects of my own I would like to pursue in 2016:
  • Writing my first book, start to finish. I'm starting this in a grand manner. Either you go big or you go home. You would think that the previous two attempts would have discouraged me. You're truly mistaken, failure has  done nothing but push me forward. Do I want to get it published? Maybe I do, maybe I don't. The act of  simply putting some chapters together, only to conclude a story is far more rewarding to me. I want to be able to say "I've written a book.", before deciding to write an even better one that might get published in the future.
  • Devote more time to writing on a daily basis. Last year, towards the end of November, I set myself a small goal, of getting 500 words written per day. I have noticed that when having attained my daily limit, my writing was far more superior and cohesive. But then, after a skipped day, I would punish myself with writing double the amount the next day, to compensate for the loss. It felt like I was giving myself a pat on the back, followed by a slap to the face. I felt constrained, and the pleasure of writing, slowly began to vanish.  What am I going to do differently this year? Probably set the same goal, with the exception that the punishment will no longer be an option. I miss a day. So what? I can use that day for myself, or perhaps for thinking about my next move in terms of writing. No more "pressure and guilt writing"
  • Check every prompt off my list. I have taken on the challenge of prompt writing. Whether it is fanfiction requests that I get on tumblr, (yes, I do believe that fiction written by the fans of a certain type: books, movies, television, video games, are entitled to call themselves  writers. It is the same act, just a different medium, or approach) or prompts I receive in via mail, as a consequence of signing up for a writing prompt mailing list, writing is still writing. You just need a little push from the back, something or someone that will guide you in the right direction. I have to admit I am not doing very great at the moment.  I have compiled a list of prompts I haven't either finished or started writing. Worst case scenario? Prompts keep piling up and my list reaches enormous proportions. So far, the prompt count is 20. Am I going to beat myself up about it? No, I won't. I'll just handle things one by one. I can only compare this with climbing up a hill. Small steps won't get you at the top in no time, but at least you'll get there safely.
  • Taking part in NaNoWriMo. I've started this assignment with a big objective, well, I shall close off the same way. I first heard of NaNoWriMo  ( which stands for National Novel Writing Month, in case newcomers haven't stumbled upon it yet.) in my freshman year of high school through the lovely world of Youtube, specifically, from book loving Youtubers. What's the catch? You have  to write 50.000 words in just a month. For myself, it's almost something unreachable. But, unlike the previous years, where I just dreamed about it and didn't do anything in that sense, this time I am determined to work for it. However, I admit to having a downside when it comes to my plan. I am anything but an experienced writer, length and character wise, because I have only tackled short stories so far. The idea of world-building, of developing a complex plot and characters that go around it kind of terrifies me. But someone once said: "If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough."
I know that I might seem a bit naive, in thinking that I can conquer everything on my writing 'wishlist' as I like to call it, but if I can get at least three quaters done by the end of this year, I am going to be happy with myself. And now, off I go, to 'whistle while I wo- oops, write'


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