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If you follow me, I'll follow you. Every like I get gives me motivation to write more, or at the very least to brush my hair and go outside. For every comment that involves me helping my life, I test your advice and get back to you. Promise from JoJo.

Week 0: What You Need To Know

August 14, 2018


    All right, here's the deal: what you need to know about me is just about nothing. I had a realization the other night and it led me to making this account. My realization was, if you tell everyone you know about something, tell them your username, and tell everyone you know immediately about everything you do on a site, is there any point of being anonymous? And for what, all for a few extra followers?

    The truth is, I already have another account on Write the World. But I felt like I couldn't express myself fully on here because all my friends and family are in full awareness of everything I'm doing. So I'm made this, and I'm not telling anyone about it. Not my previous followers, not anyone I know in real life who is on here, no one. Sorry, I'm not even saying what my old account is either.

    My long term plan is to make this into a kind of blog. I'll write down my thoughts over the course of every day of the week (I go to a school where computers are allowed in classes) and once a week I'll post that week's thoughts. You can read it or don't, whatever floats your boat. I sort of just want a place to say my thoughts about my life, without the people who are actually IN my life to be able to intercede, or even make me feel guilty about saying anything bad about them. I'm aware that this (and indeed most of what I end up writing on this account) will sound life pure madness to most of you. That's fine. This is another way to organize my thoughts, and I'm making my fingers go as fast as the motor in my head can spin. Purely me, unfiltered.

    Anyway, some of the few facts about me you actually will need to know to understand this.

    1: My name is not JoJo Ross, or anything remotely close to that. However, that is how I will be referring to myself on here so you might as well think of me as such. I do have a reason for this name but it only makes sense in my insane brain.

    2: In a few weeks I'm starting freshman year of high school. Private school. According to my teachers I'm very smart and talented and simply a wonder child. I consider myself to be very lucky. I put in relatively no effort into anything and kind of luck myself into being good at stuff. I'm not sure if I'm naturally talented or just if karma's gonna bite me in the butt later. 

    3:  Building off the private school thing, make no mistake. I'm there on a scholarship I won in last year (see #2, "randomly good at stuff"). Eighth grade is much cheaper than high school. If it weren't for that scholarship I'd be back at the public high school, where I'd go insane. I went to my public school system up until 7th grade and I hated almost every second of it. Last year was a breath of fresh air. My parents like my private school because I have better curriculum and am being challenged more. I like it because except for a few people whom I found mildly tolerable, I hated everyone there and I dreaded getting up and facing them in the morning. 

    4: Most of my friends that I made last year aren't coming back next year. So I'm really screwed this year. Although I know that there will be a bunch of new kids this year, I'm not starting off with a great foundation. The people I have left don't hang out with each other. I've got one friend who only hung out with me because we mutually had the same group of friends and was in theater with me last spring. She's probably gonna go back to hanging out with the popular clique. I've got another who is from China, and is a total genius. Like, she's the real wonder child (I say child, she's a year older than me. Unfortunate set of circumstances, long story). We would beg our teachers to put us together in class and we did a violin/piano duet together at graduation last May. The only problem is, she sits with and hangs out with the other kids from China, and I do not speak Mandarin. Last but not least, is my guy friend. I had a major crush on him all last year (my best friend did too, we were known as the school's official love triangle) and he was the only one in the grade who didn't know. But it turns out he's sort of with this girl from his town and he told me AND my friend about her in passing in our group chat. Long story short, we're just friends now. I think. Although when I see him at school soon that might change. Anyway, he sits with the guys. I need to make some more friends in other words.

    So yeah, that about sums up my backstory. Anyway, I'm almost positive that no one read all of this and I feel really stupid. I'm sorry. Anyway, go about your regularly scheduled day to day lives. Very sorry if I accidentally offended anyone, I very much assure you I'm trying to just express myself and am not trying to offend anyone.
If you've read this far, you're a gifted human being and I respect your power of being able to sift through my insane thoughts. 


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  • Catlover

    Cool. I am starting high school this year too! :)

    about 3 years ago