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The History of Our World: Chapter Two

August 14, 2018


The principal deities could each, create life in their own image, with little effort. Terra, being the one that sneezed the ball of earth, went first. She shaped the animals of the land, specifically mammals, and put them on the planet. She then shaped a being that she called a human, and almost felt like she making a huge mistake. She put multiple humans on the planet nonetheless. What the gods didn’t know is that, since Terra sneezed the planet, it was covered with magic. This caused being known as elves and dwarves to be created. The elves were drawn to the forest, the dwarves the mountains, and the humans lived wherever they wanted. 

Next, Aquarius prepared to create life. He created all the animals of the water, mostly all the fish. Eventually, some of these fish would leave the water to become reptiles and amphibians. Aquarius decided to take a page from Terra’s book, and create his own race of sapient organism, which he called the Tritons. This new race lived in the sea, but soon met all the other races. Due similar levels of magic, the Tritons had a surprising kinship with the elves. 

Eris went next in the cycle of life creation, making the animals of the sky, which was only birds. Ralvia wanted to make her own sapient race, combining a human with a bird to create a race of bird person she called the Aires. The Aires decided to live in the high trees near mountains, making cities high in the sky. The Aires met the humans and dwarves, but didn’t think much of either

Pyros didn’t make any animals, but he did make a sapient race, callling them Orcs. The Orcs loved the heat of the planets deserts, and made their civilization their civilization in the sands. The Orcs raided the humans to get food, causing a hatred between the two races that would never go away.

Now that life was created, the four gods decided to watch their creation, and see how it would go.


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