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The History of Our World: Chapter One

August 14, 2018


There are four basic elements in the world: fire, earth, wind, and water. Nothing could have been created with these four elements, so it seems logical to assume that the first four gods were in charge of these four elements.

No one is exactly sure where these principal deities came from, mostly because they haven’t told us*. However, we do know that our world used to be a barren ball of earth, which came from a rather large sneeze from the earth goddess, Terra. 

Terra showed the water god, Aquarius, what had just came out of her nose, but Aquarius had an allergic reaction to a bug that came from the ball of earth, causing him to tear up. His tears landmon the earth, creating the seas, the lakes, and the rivers. 

The two gods thought this devolpment was rather neat, and showed it to the goddess of wind, Eris. To get a closer look, Eris walked towards the watery earth ball, but she tripped. The force of her falls caused a wind, which started orbiting on the surface to the ball of watery earth. 

Thinking their happy accident to be the greatest thing in existence, they showed it to Pyros, the god of fire. Pyros didn’t want to burn the ball, but was focused on a high bunch of earth on the top of the ball. After touching it, it cut him, causing him so bleed. His blood was a hot substance, which then steeped into the ground, making a nice hot core.

Soon, the four principal dirties realized a plant they called grass was growing all over the planet, and for the first time, life could flourish .

It only took one million tries.

*We’re beginning to suspect they don’t know either.


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