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What can I do?

January 1, 2016

What's mine?
What do I wish to produce? I wonder. Will I be able to write that novel, that I have been so close yet so far from doing? Swallowing my pride, and making a plot line in order to write 50,000 words? I prefer free writing after all. Can I start at the end, and work my way to the beginning? This is writing, there is no strict discipline here. However, we sweat, we bleed, and we cry, to produce what we call a 'masterpiece.' What if I wish to write spare fragments in my free time? Can I do that? Of course I can, no one can tell me I can't. I am not breaking any rules, only the limitations of what my mind thinks it can do. Even better, I will shove creativity down it's throat and call it a muse. But do written words get anywhere? does anybody hear them?   That is my biggest resolution after all. I want people to read my words and pass it on. It is not about the fame, it is about the message, what people can learn about those characters. For those characters will become their friends, they are not real in this reality, mais, they are real to them they show them the pitfalls of a relationship, and what it is like to have courage, or compassion they show the difference between killing and mercy they show them a world where all they can do is ask questions and grow and learn they do not judge them or make them fear each other and we wish that they were truly real for it seems they understand us far more than them they make us feel emotion, none of which we've truly felt unless we were reading words of another that is what i wish to discover the path where people may read my words and become friends with the characters inside my books and learn from them, and discover things about them and about themselves which will make all the difference in the end.


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