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"No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man may store up in his ghostly heart" — F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Retired Swimmer; Anti-Stereotype;

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Thirty Seconds to Mars, Tim O'Brien, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Campbell

Mistakes of the Beautiful

December 11, 2014



I've been thinking of the mistakes of the beautiful,

The wise, the bold, and the kind

That fill rivers with acid.


I've been thinking of the blessed children

Who water the world with their tears.


I've been thinking of all those who must love me,

For I know they do,

Unmet, unseen, and unpresent.


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1 Comment
  • Anna Gibbs

    Wow Cam! This is very lyrical, I love the way it just flows. The repetition of "I've been thinking" connect all the ideas together, ideas that aren't immediately connected but can be upon further thought. The first two stanzas seem distraught and dark - "acid", "tears" - so I love how the last one is suddenly hopeful, yet still carries a somewhat dark undertone.

    about 4 years ago