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I've lived in three countries so far and hope to further travel the world in order to gain the depth I need for the stories I really want to write someday - the stories I'm practicing for now.

Journaling in 2016

January 1, 2016

    Out of boredom and curiosity, I sought out my old notebooks and journals and flipped through them. I learned about my elementary science class lesson on constellations, my eleven-years-old obsession with calligraphy, and how I categorized my friends and acquaintances in middle school. About half of it was completely foreign to me, but it was descriptive enough for me to reconstruct the type of kid I was and try to see the world the way I once did.
    Becoming a published novelist is one of my life goals, but realistically, the only writing form I keep up with consistently is my journaling. With that in mind, my writing resolution for 2016 is focused on my journal rather than one of my vague, unfinished story ideas.
    In my old journals are pages full of dialogue from classes I found amusing and in-depth analyzations of social structures I found myself in. Everything was fascinating and my way of expressing that was by writing it all down in the greatest detail possible. In recent years, however, life has become less impressive to me. My memory is reserved for studying terms rather than remembering the hilarious conversation at lunch; instead of writing out the back and forth comments between my friends I am more likely to merely mention who I ate lunch with and move on.
    My problem is: how am I to be able to write interesting, made-up characters for my stories when I can’t bring myself to write about real-life, interesting people in my journal? If I can’t explain what makes my friends worth listening to on a daily basis or why an event triggered a particular reaction in a person - essentially if I can’t describe my friends as the round, dynamic people that they are - how will the characters I have created for my stories ever be worth reading about?
    Therefore, in the following year, I need (for the sake of my confidence as a writer) to take the time to observe the people I interact with well enough to write their personality and character accurately and clearly. I want to be able to write about someone so a stranger could read it and feel familiar with that person. I want to be able to dig out my journals ten years from now and think “Oh, I  remember these names! So that’s what they acted like. That’s what I thought of them? This is why we were friends. I understand.”


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