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Message to Readers

this is an old and quite unedited poem/rant

Cut Here

August 13, 2018


----------------------------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------------------------------
it says on the box;
it says that it’s empowering to
  • line your lids in black paste
  • turn your lips an alarming shade of red
  • coat yourself in brown powder
  • color your hair younger
  • smother yourself in toxic chemicals
  • lose ten pounds of your stomach
  • and your thighs
  • and your butt
  • and your face
  • become hairless
  • smell of roses at all times;
it says that all of this means you are reclaiming your femininity! and being strong, bossy, and a real woman! and defying stereotypes!;
it says that you’d have to do it anyway…
so why don’t you just put a feminist façade on it to make yourself feel better;
it says that even though the Business has these four steps
  1. make women insecure
  2. make insecure women into insecure customers by
  3. selling them products to make them feel better about their insecurities
  4. profit off of it
it’s really about you and making you feel good;
it says
----------------------------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------------------------------
on the box
but what it really means is: cut here, cut off:
    the money from your purse
    a sense of self-worth unregulated by green bills and the male gaze
what it really means is that
although makeup kills
(look it up)
and although no one smells like roses all the time,
insecurities make profit,
women fall into traps
and again
and again.

(And it’s not even our fault.)


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  • r|A|i|N

    i realize this is a bit old but i was blown away by the sheer power of your words. the unique format, the use of bullet points and the strict dashes surrounding "CUT HERE" really got to me. this is a masterpiece and as rj said all the better for being unedited. it's so raw and real. lovely work.

    about 2 years ago
  • R.j.Elsewhere

    This is so powerful and brutally real - almost naked. And I think it being unedited adds to the poem, gives it character, shows the world what it is to be a women untouched by stereotypes and insecure thoughts.

    about 3 years ago