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Moments, A Harry Potter Fanfiction (WIP)

December 30, 2015



July 31st, 1991
            The letter was thrown toward the head of a tall man in round glasses. The man took it in his hands, turned it over and smiled at the scarlet red stamp on the front. “What is it, dad?” A bespectacled young boy called from the other side of the table. “For you.” The man grinned, handing the eleven year old the letter.
            The boy read it and grinned as he got closer and closer to the end. “Mum! Mum, it’s here!” Shouted the boy. A red-haired woman spun around and dusted her hands on her apron all at once. “What’s he- Your Hogwarts letter! That’s wonderful Harry!” The mother cried, hugging Harry with all her might. The man grinned even more. Taking in the happiness of that moment.
“When are we going to Diagon Alley?” Harry asked, turning to his father.
The man got up and walked toward the sitting room. “Right now. Come on, get your coat.” He said.
“Be careful, James. Make sure you come back for lunch.” Said the mother, following the two up until the doorway.
“Oh Evans, you were always such a worrier.” James chuckled, turning around so his nose was to his wife’s.
“It’s Potter to you, sir.” She smiled, stealing a kiss from the father and laughing playfully on her way back to the kitchen. James turned to see a disgusted look on his son’s face and in return ruffled the boy’s hair getting an angry “Dad!” from the eleven year old.
September 1st, 1991
            “Mum!” Said the annoyed Harry Potter, trying to push away his clingy mother. She laughed a let go of her son, letting him hug his father. “Be careful Harry, don’t get into any trouble…” Said the mother. James rolled his eyes, “For the last time Lily, leave the poor boy alone!” Lily ignored her husband and ruffled the boy’s hair one last time before letting him scurry off to the train. “Be sure to write, Harry!” Said James, waving his only son farewell. The boy nodded as his parents continued to wave till the train was out of sight.
September 13th, 1991
            A white owl flew toward Harry in the middle of his chat with Ron, a freckled, ginger boy. Harry took the letter from the owl, and it tilted its head expectantly. Harry tossed it a brown pellet, “Thank you, Hedwig. Off you go you silly bird.”
            As the owl flew away and back out the window, Harry unraveled the letter.
Your father and I are very proud you’ve become Seeker. However, it does not draw from the fact you broke some rules. Though I am very upset by your defiance, you father insisted on buying you a Nimbus 2000. Use it wisely.
Love, Mum
            As if on cue, Professor McGonagall came, carrying a broom shaped parcel.  S, Harry turned to Ron and grinned from ear to ear.
November 1st, 1991
            “HARRY JAMES POTTER, YOUR FATHER AND- Don’t drag me into this Lily- JAMES POTTER YOU COWARD, HE IS YOUR SON AND I EXPECT YOU TO TREAT HIM SO- Lily, calm down- NO, REMUS! I WILL NOT CALM DOWN. HARRY, I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOU! YOU CAN’T GO OFF AND FIGHT TROLLS LIKE IT’S NOONE’S BUSINESS. YOU OUGHT TO FEEL VERY- proud! Lily, he saved his friend. Harry, you helped a girl who was suffering from bullies! That ought to be praised!” A Howler in front of Harry screamed. Ron stared at the thing as a bushy-haired girl looked around the Great Hall, turning as red as Ron’s hair. “FINE. WHATEVER, POTTER,” Harry winced; she said his father’s last name. That’s never good. “HARRY, WHAT YOU DID WAS UNACCEPTABLE, ALBIET BRAVE. I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT IT WASN’T THE WISEST CHOICE. GOOD DAY.” The Howler ended. Harry, Ron and Hermione (the bushy haired girl) all blushed and clearly attempted to melt and dissolve in their seats.
November 19th, 1991
            “WHOOO!! GO GRYFFINDOR! BLIMEY, HARRY WE HEARD YOU WERE SO IMPRESSIVE!!!” James said from the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room.
Harry blushed, “Really, I wasn’t that good.”
“Come off it, Harry! You did amazingly!” Another voice came. Harry could make out another face shoving his father’s away.
“Sirius! I’m glad to see you!” Harry smiled.
“Told you he likes me more,” The man said over his shoulder to, which Harry predicted was, his father.
December 25th, 1991
            “Merry Christmas, Harry!” Ron said jumping on Harry’s four-poster bed. Harry groaned and sat up. He put one his glasses and saw the pile of presents Neville and Ron had already gathered around. Harry jumped up and joined his friends in opening presents. Ron’s mother had given him a jumper with his initial one it: H. His mother got him a blue scarf decorated with golden Snitches. The strangest gift of all was perhaps the silky, water-like cloak his father had given him. Harry wrapped in around him and looked at Ron and Neville. “H-Harry! You’re invisible!” Ron stammered. Neville squealed in awe and fear. “Bloody hell…” Ron whispered.
April 24th, 1992
            “Bloody hell…” Ron muttered. Harry merely gaped and Hermione let out a squeak. They were trying to take in the fact a dragon was hatching right in front of them, in Hagrid’s hut.
            “Hagird, you can’t have a dragon,” Hermione hissed. “In a wooden house no less!” Harry nodded in agreement, he was to taken aback to say anything. The tiny black dragon let of a croak that was quickly followed by fire. Unlike Hagird, Harry found this horrifying. He looked to Hagird but then noticed something in the window. “Malfoy!” He cried, pointing to the window. Hermione and Ron whirled around just in time to see a blob of blond run off.
July 31st, 1992
            “Harry Potter mustn’t go back to Hogwarts!” The elf on Harry’s bed cried. “Harry Potter is in grave danger!”
 The Harry in question rolled his eyes, “You keep telling me that but why not?” He demanded. The giant and big-eared elf shook his head.
“Dobby can’t tell. Dobby should not be here!” The elf cried. It began to bang it’s head against the wall. Harry tried to restrain him.
“Harry! Dinner’s ready!” His mother called. Harry glanced at the door and back at Dobby.
“Ok, look, I don’t know who sent you but whatever it is your warning me about… I’m going to Hogwarts and there’s no stopping me.” He declared. As Harry finished his last syllable Dobby’s eyes seem to drop into a frown. He sighed and ran out the room. “Dobby, no!” Harry cried.
            The elf scurried to the kitchen; he looked back at Harry and sighed. Dobby jabbed a finger at the pile of dishes in the sink and they burst and broke. Before Harry could do anything else the elf snapped his fingers and vanished. James and Lily, who were seated at the dining table pulled out their wands and pointed them at the spot the elf had once been. Harry tried to look innocent as his mother turned as red as her hair and his father lowered his wand. Harry plucked up the courage to say something, “so… What are we having?” 


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