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To Be Alive

August 18, 2018

(Monday 8th September 2008)
You’re sitting on the white couch at home with your older brother. There is a quiet anticipation slithering through the air, and you feel your chest go thump thump faster than usual. You fiddle with the strawberry shaped button on your long-sleeved shirt with twitchy fingers, and out of the corner of your eye you notice that your older brother is fidgeting. Because you’re both waiting. Waiting to finally hold your younger brother for the first ever time. You’ve seen him a few days ago, when you both came home from school out of breath because you ran the whole way, rushing over to your parents’ room to peer into the wooden crib. And you had both stared at this little pint-sized speck of a baby, awestruck.
    Now you finally get to hold him for the first time, and for some reason you worry that you’ll mess up and possibly drop him. Apprehension makes a wave a saliva fill up your mouth as you picture yourself holding this fragile one week old infant. How heavy will he be? Will he wake up if he’s sleeping? What do you do if he suddenly grabs your finger? You don’t know the answer to any of those questions crashing around in your head. So you wait.
    Eons pass before your parents carry your brother from their room to the living room, and you stand up in excitement, yet mingled with some degree of nervousness because you don’t know much about this new human being in your life after all. Your mother approaches you, holding a thick bundle of blankets with a baby wrapped snugly inside. Holding your new brother. Your. New. Brother.
    You will never get tired of looking at him.
    Red and wrinkled, with tiny fists and a scrunched up face. You loved him from the moment you first laid eyes on him. Your mouth curls upwards in a smile because you see him look so peaceful and relaxed, tiny perfect lips to accompany a small flawless nose. His eyes were shut tight, like thick curtains drawn over a crystal clear window. After a couple minutes of marvelling at this delicate child your mother tells you to take a seat on the couch, and you do. “Here,” she tells you. “hold him.” The bundle is gingerly placed into your care, and you are immediately surprised by the weight of him. For such a small creature, he was certainly heavier than expected.
    A little whine peeps out of his mouth and you hold him tighter, instinct making you want to rock him and whisper calming words to him. You feel your parents’ eyes upon you, vaguely registering the fact that they’re holding hands and leaning on each other. And that’s when it hits you. Because you just realised full-on that what you are holding, what you are cradling so gently in your arms is a human being. This child will grow up, will learn to utter words, to walk, to ride a bike, to read, to write, make friends, graduate, get a job and possibly start a family. You realise that this little red and wrinkled baby is a pulsating, living being whose life could vanish in mere seconds, direly contrasted to the rest of your family: solid, steady and there.
    Holding him felt like a mixture of love, joy, wonder, amazement and just that little touch of magic to make the moment itself seem alive. And to think that I was related to him? That we would both be growing up side by side, just at our own different paces was such an amazing thought the only thing I could do was stare at his little sleeping face. I handed him back when it was my older brother’s turn to hold him, and I could see the same fascination that I had felt install itself onto his face.
That day was years ago, but I never forgot the lesson that I learnt: That life was at the same time an unchangeable part of the world, yet it could be snuffed out faster than a birthday candle on a one year old’s cake. People enter the world each day and people could exit just the same. 
    It makes you reflect on just how amazing it is that you yourself are alive, that your own candle has not been blown out yet, that you’ve managed to survive and thrive for this long. And finally it makes you appreciate every moment you have, either alone or with the people you love. It makes you appreciate the people around you. The people with whom you’re acquainted with, or the people with whom you’re not.
    It makes you appreciate life.


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    And I can only sayeth yond I'm lucky to beest his family

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    Bless'd with th'enchanting pow'r of life

    over 2 years ago
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