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please be constructive and critical in ways I can continue my poem and make it deeper figuratively

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December 27, 2015


The weight of the days regret
hangs heavily from the corners of my lips
There's a sour metallic taste in my mouth
probably blood drawn from the lethal words I choose to keep to myself
& all day it seems
I've been scouring the ground for some lost key to happiness 
I'm not sure I can say I've every really found

When I can't stomach anything anymore
the old scars begin to resurface
and I think
even my body, this self proclaimed"temple" 
has betrayed me,
has waved a white flag to caging the beast that 
is my past self

fast forward and suddenly I'm shouting.
head bobbing veins popping and neck snapping
like the most resilient of twigs found un-triumphant 
on the eve of an autumns day

I will want to surrender to the thought that
hey its a privilege to even feel pain
but I know even Jasmine
wouldn't count my stars so lucky
not when there's narcotics and nicotine to numb 
the hollowness 

the funniest thing is that you wouldn't even know I was there
existing in a world outside my own head

Be it so, I must admit there are times
when I like to consider myself
a silent scream
a bloodied diamond from Sierra Leone
glimmering in a joyful sadness
doing all I can to be valued
maintain the roughness

a waltzing contradiction amongst
life's most melancholy of melodies


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