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Grace Hammond


These words
that are my own
Are my blood and
are my bones.

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"Rope" by Hitchcock

December 27, 2015

Motivated by Nietzsche's theory that those who are intellectually superior maintain the right to commit murder, friends Brandon and Philip strangle a mutual friend in order to exercise this supercilious belief. In exploitation of the meticulously planned murder, Brandon convinces Philip to go ahead with the planned dinner party commencing directly after the committed crime, thus celebrating, in a way, their own brilliance. To the dismay of Philip, Brandon has purposely invited his old professor Rupert, who although shares their Nietzschean philosophy, is the only person who would ever suspect them. 

Character: Philip Morgan 

  • Who was it that convinced you of/imposed upon you the ideal of "A crime for most, a privilege for some"? 
  • Under what pretences or conditions did you agree to carry out the crime with Brandon? 
  • Why was it that you craved the exercise of the ultimate power; power over the life of another? 
  • Throughout the movie you were extremely nervous and jittery in comparison to Brandon, who was cool, collected and exceptionally casual. Were you so anxious because you were feeling guilty or because you were afraid of being caught? 
  • You are well educated and bright, yet when you knew that you were severely nervous and paranoid, you proceeded to drink excessively, despite your knowledge that alcohol would only increase your inability to think straight. Why did you do this? Was it because you craved something to cloud your mind and ease the anxiety, or possibly guilt? Even still, you were so worried about being caught, yet you knowingly jeopardized your thinking ability when you knew that Rupert's scrutiny was trained on you. So why continue to drink?


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