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December 27, 2015

It began with a large bang. Depending on your views it could of been and explosion, a God or anything you personally desire. Then things happened. One rock connected with another and then another creating large rocks with a thing called gravity. Then certain particles combined creating stars, black holes and finally galaxies and solar systems. The universe became.

And out of nowhere became a goldilocks planet; Earth. At that point and at a first glance it seemed like nothing was happening. But if one was too look close enough,tiny little germs and microorganisms had started duplicating. Some went in the water and got tails and scales, some stayed on the land and got feet and hair and some went into the sky and grew wings and beaks. With all this swimming, walking and flying, we became.
We started getting stronger and running and hunting. We turned out on top. Fire was discovered. Then the use of weapons and communication. We walked the world. We bred with others in such a way that it is so surprising it actually happens. We made art; in forms of paintings, dances, literacy, songs, carvings and acting. We made beauty from this. Yet even though we have all this beauty we are not satisfied. We try and destroy it, from jealousy and rage. Killing brother and brother; in the name of money. Killing enough animals to drive that species to extinction; in the name of a new coat. Shakesphere's plays and Picasso's artwork mean nothing, even in all there beauty because of the ugliness we brought. Even though we became so much, recently we unbecame.


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