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I'm Dreaming of a Lukewarm Christmas

December 26, 2015

    What does the mildly chilly (if not lukewarm) month of December mean to me? It's a break time, or at least part of a break between two parts of the school year. This break time used to be more synonymous with the "Christmas Spirit", but every year the importance of my favorite holiday diminishes a bit more. You see, the ideal portrayal of Christmas involves snow outside, chipper music, decorations, seasonal sweets, cozy living rooms filled with friends and family drinking hot chocolate together. As a Floridian, my family clearly never got snow. The other things were more or less provided by the environment: the church and school we went to and the decorations in our neighborhood. I didn't realize until after we had moved a few times (usually to places that don't get snow) how little my family members contributed to the whole "Christmas Spirit." Now my December has been stripped to minimal celebration and unsentimental relaxation because it turns out that none of my family members feel strongly enough about the holidays to do anything more. This year we set up an artificial three foot Christmas tree with only one string of lights because we were too lazy to get the big tree out or find the ornaments boxes. About Christmas itself, we have a fairly cynical view. We grew up hearing about how some parents lie to their children about this old fat guy called Santa Claus who allegedly brings kids presents for Christmas. As a result, I'm afraid we weren't very sensitive with our friends who believed in him. If not Santa Claus, what then? Jesus is the reason for the season? As sweet as that is, it isn't true of the recycled holiday. Celebrating Jesus' birthday was an excuse to keep the Roman holiday Saturnalia around while converting Europe to Catholicism. Without Santa or Jesus the only meaning left to Christmas is the commercialism, which isn't very conducive to cheery holiday ambience unless one is benefitting from the sales. I do, however, make tissue paper snowflakes every year to give away to friends. I also love peppermint, which is great since December always manages to leave me with dozens of candy canes. These make up my Decembers: candy canes, snowflakes, a sweater tied around the waist in case it gets cold enough to wear it, and a half-hearted celebration of Christmas.


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  • Lola Mae

    This is cynical and totally different from my view of Christmas, but I love your writing style. I do think you're forgetting to take into consideration another aspect of Christmas that could be considered a "reason for the season" (nice rhyme by the way). Family togetherness and happy lovey feelings and the joy of giving and all that seems to play a really important part in the holiday. A lot of people think of it as an excuse to put aside their busy lives and take a moment to appreciate those around them. Obviously you don't have to address that, but it may make your position stronger if you can find something to dispel that. Overall, though, great work!

    almost 3 years ago