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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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when your lost in lost in a story you know it will turn out great ! it is even good to take a break now and then or else well "somethings" gets in your mind or is that just me XP sorry but other than that ackward moment in the end i really do think pf stories as my passageway or even possibly a gateway to another deminsion another life another path .....yadda yadda yadda i love stories XP

lost in thoughts

December 25, 2015


i am a girl thats all i am nothing special nothing exciting ....but when i write stories and i get in tuned with them i feel like i am in that world at that moment doing what my characters are doing saving the world....traveling to far away places we only hope to see...meeting things and people and creatures who understand such things we might never ever know...going so far as to save a life or hundreds in a blink of a eye....transforming into things we dont even understand....meeting that one per....ok then.....that have....REALLY...lost tracked about stop thinking about stories there for a moment hehe.... 


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  • December 25, 2015 - 7:57pm (Now Viewing)

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  • FantasyWriter

    i was lost in thought then i snapped back into reality....kinda like a verge a combine of two worlds so different yet so alike _Fantasy writer

    over 5 years ago