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16-year-old Aussie, brewing poetry and lil antidotes.

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I love constructive criticism on both grammar/spelling and content. I hope you enjoy my works :)

Dear Ambition

August 10, 2018


Dear ambition,

I've decided if you were a colour you'd be a burnt orange hue.
I have no explanation why, besides how you twirl me into the fires of hopes and dreams
Name engraved into the books of history, but, maybe I missed my cue,
Monopolised by sweet schemes,

As much as I revolt at becoming my dad,
We may not have the same eyes but we have the same smile.
Washed out faces, eyes wrinkling as were trapped in the delusions we had
Please, just let one saturated romanticism stay for a while.

Wise whispers, softly sighing, delicate debates, 
I'm sick of being copper, dress me up in gold and unattainabiltiy,
I'm living in someones vision, believing in multiple 'fates',
Like IV has filled my vainity for I'm stuck in debility.

It's okay.
Although I've lost my heart beat I haven't lost my soul
I'll just sit on my black leather cough wrapped in blankets wishing the grey clouds away
Just because my clouds don't sliver linings doesn't mean I can't reach for my goals

So, ambition, I think I would like to say is thank you,
I may slip into slumber with my feet firmly planted in coal,
But when I awake I'll always have in view,
A rusty intent as everything is planned and wrapped as a whole.

The ones who couldn't walk on a silver line.


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