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Hi, I'm Piper:
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Tennessee-born, China-raised.
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Message to Readers

This is a song I've written based on a friendship I have. As you can tell by the lyrics, I've been wrestling with the question if I should end the friendship due to the friend's lack of accepting who I am. Please let me know what you think!

Never Measure Up

August 10, 2018


Do you frown because we're both so different
Or am I not cool enough
To be someone who you associate with?
Will I ever messure up?

I could say so many things about you
But I know when to restrain
And avoid causing an awkward dispute 
Cause I know it's all in vain
Can't you see that I see that you see that we could never be "us"
And I know that you know that I know I will never measure up
If you hate that I hate how you hate my good morels 
Than I'm asking you to walk away 
And I'll walk away

It's hard to believe everything you say
Especilaly when all I see could be otherwise
All that I can do is continue to pray
That you will change inside

You are you
And I am me
I'm sorry but I will not be changing
Maybe we were not
Meant to be at all
And even if that's the case
It doesn't mean that I won't pray
For you.  


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