um hi, i'm jessie and i'm 14.
i'm pretty awkward.

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she sighed with the exhaustion of a sixty-year-old man waiting for love.

another beautiful day

August 10, 2018

PROMPT: Unplug

the doll clicked her soles,
another beautiful day has arrived.

the skies are singing of her presence,
and the spring breeze
welcomes her with open arms.
another beautiful day
where she does not jump into its arms.
another beautiful day
where she remains ignorant.

the door opens with a ring,
a customer she doesn't know arrives.
she tries to please him,
flashing the most beautiful moves,
sporting the most blinding smile.
he, puts a sticker on
her music box and proceeds out,
never coming back again.

the door opens again,
this time, a girl carrying her own cloth doll.
the girl clicks her tongue and
hurries the little doll.
again, she dances again.
the girl doesn't like it.
she writes nasty words that fit her
and throws it into the hole
of the doll's heart.
walks out again, like nothing happened.

the doll, overflowing with
messages of spikes,
turns her wooden head
to the window and realises,
the beautiful day that was waiting for her.

the girl clicked her shoes,
another beautiful day has arrived.
she looks back at her
empty, empty box for one last time,
and walks out the door.


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