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trying to be an earnest chocolate labrador kind of person!!

Message to Readers

i haven't done poetry in so long! let me know if this piece flowed nicely or seemed as if it was just line breaks in prose or if there's so much to be unpacked or the images are too literal. thank you<3

after joey bada$$' 'devastated'

August 10, 2018


i preach: things will somehow
fall into place. alongside my prayers
of things will be okay in the end.
i didn’t specify either, but i think
this is what i meant, a safe distance between us -
six months. you as you always are,
on the other side of the country.

i missed you by half hours today
and i was glad for the time that spanned the gulf.
okay wasn’t our always: it was a cleaving
me from you. the plural fractures
i am left to divide myself again and again
form a new being. pretend two years
weren’t anything at all.

i am getting good at this. today i reinvented
myself entirely, pulled my hair high into ponytail
smudged rogue onto my cheeks. you never liked me
with makeup anyway. he says: turned pain into
cadence - make art out of trouble - and i am learning
to pull earnestness out of lethargy
fill my schedule meet new people
go onward and upward
because when everything falls into place
i am rising.
lol i dont even really listen to him but ah i appreciate his song quite a bit. listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLnA25dVzrQ


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