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Hi, my name is Diamond.
Nice to meet you! I try my best to show myself in the work that I do I only hope that for you it comes through.
Thank you.

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Hear Me Now

August 9, 2018


My voice barely above a whisper, "Can you hear me?" 
Shivering, curled into a fetal position, my tears drying on my face allowing the cold air to chap my cheeks.

"Can you hear me? I know you heard me!" I stand with my fists at my sides as if something is holding them down. "Look at me! Hear me! Won't you hear me?" Anger spills from my words.
He looks up and takes another puff of his cigarette, "What do you want me to say?"
Angry tears bubble up into my eyes blinding me, "I want you to say that you love me! I want you to say this without me telling you that you need to say it! I want you to hold me! I want you to tell me everything is going to be okay! I want you to hear me!" I blindly swipe for his cigarette knocking it to the floor.
He looks at me again and steps toward me and unconsciously I take step back, and I continue until my back hits a wall. My eyes close shutting me in darkness, my hands going up in defense. I have made him mad before but this time was different this time I refused to let him be indifferent and I knocked his death stick to the floor.
A cold hand grasps both my wrists and he leans forward and what I thought was going to be a hit was a gentle kiss accompanied by "Okay, I love you."

"Can you hear me?"
My voice shakes in the frigid air as my body is racked with sobs. He can't hear me because he isn't here and I'm left with one haunting night of reassurance.


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  • 4Shivani

    Whoa........ That blew me.
    Seriously, I loved it.

    over 2 years ago