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August 9, 2018

When I was twelve, I had my first ever nosebleed, the bodily function that has plagued my life for four long years. 

I was in my mom’s car, on my way to my grandparent’s house, when I felt a flowing sensation in my nose. Thinking my nose was just runny, I wiped it with my hand, not caring if I mucus on my hand. Instead of the clear liquid on my hand, it was a dark crimson, the color of blood. This was actually the second time I had seen blood, when I was in second grade, one of my classmates showed me a bloody cut on his arm, I didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation, since the situation didn’t effect me, but this was my blood, from my body, and I was rather scared.

Luckily, we were in my grandparents driveway, close to what was going to be like a Red Cross to me with this new nasal bleeding situation. I practically ran to the door, probably not the best idea in hindsight, but I was going many emotions. I knocked on the door, and my grandfather opened it, with his usual happy smile, but saw the blood, and made a face that said ‘oh’.

I got rushed to the bathroom, where I was given a paper towel, and soon the crimson meanace was gone. The nosebleeds happen in high humidity, and can happen whenever they want to happen, but at the time I didn’t know this. I was naive, thinking the threat was gone for good. 

The crimson threat made it’s return a week later. I sometimes think my blood wants to migrate out of my body, after hearing how great the outside was from my skin. The only way out, is through my nose. 

The hemoglobin tourism hasn’t stopped for four years, and will probably never will stop. This is completely fine, I am more experienced since that first nosebleed. I never get blood on my clothes on the floor anymore, out of fear of getting blood anywhere. I feel like I will eventually overcome this problem.


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