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House of Helpful Sins: Chapter Three

August 9, 2018


“So, the seven deadly sins, huh?” Wilbur said,”I knew something was off about this place.”

”Wait,” Pride said,”You’re not scared or anything?”

”Are you going to take my soul?” Wilbur asked.

”We can’t do that,” Wrath said.

”Well, technically,” Pride said,”It’s too complicated to explain now.”

”Then, no, I’m not scared.” Wilbur said.

”Confident are you?” Pride asked,”I like that. Confident is my middle name.”

“It’s not,” Wrath said,”It’s Margaret.”

”Shush, ye demon,” Pride said. 

“Why do you guys live in Georgia?” Wilbur asked.

”Well you see,” Pride said,”One day, Lord Lucifer came to Georgia, because he heard it was pretty.”

”But when he came back, he was...abrasive,” Wrath said.

”Yeah, like weirdly abrasive,” Pride said,”We asked him about it, but he kept mentioning someone named Johnny.”

”So when we decided to go to the human world, we wanted to give Georgia a shot,” Wrath said,”We’re not sure what the Lord was mad about, it’s really nice here.”

Then, the door opened, and a new man came in. He wore a grey suit, with a gray tie, and some really nice sneakers. His hair was very combed back, and his eyes were covered with sunglasses that were tinted green.

”Hi, I’m Wilbur,” Wilbur said, introducing himself,”What sin are you?”

”You already told him?” The man said to Pride.

”Yes,” Pride said,”He needed to know.”

”Well, I’m Greed,” Greed said, with the biggest smile,”The others should be here soon.”

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