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teenager who likes netflix, reading, and listening to music. also is too sarcastic for her own good.

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vanilla extract

December 25, 2015


vanilla extract, by itself, is bitter but it brings out flavor if mixed with its opposite, chocolate. I guess we were a little like that. you liked the taste of vanilla extract. it was a little concerning and unusual but you put it in everything. coffee, cakes, smoothies. i told you that you would get sick, that it was too strong. but you just laughed and replied "it's better than drugs right?" 

your closet had about every shade of blue imaginable. you would complain about not having enough clothes and about how you looked like you wore the same outfit everyday. but when we went shopping you'd come out with another pair of blue jeans. I'd comment about it but you'd just sigh and say that you didn't like anything else.

you were too obsessed with things that didn't matter. about the way your Instagram looked. whether your bag and shoes matched the clothes you were wearing that day. nervous about what everyone thought about you even though you said you didn't care.

among all the pleasantries in your life you said I was your favorite. im still trying to figure out if that's true.


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