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Film: About Time | Character: Tim

December 24, 2015

  • Do you ever plan on telling Mary (your wife) of your stunning abilities?
  • Thinking back to your childhood, did you ever see your Father or another male relative go to do something that seems like time travel?
  • You seem to become quite annoyed or 'fed-up' with your best friend, Jay, why do you continue to go along with his antics?
  • It is obviously impossible, but if your abilities could somehow prevent your Father's death, would you do so or go along with the circle of life?
  • What type of relationship did Harry have with your Father?

A Short Synopsis of the film, About Time:
At 21 years of age, Tim is told that like the other men in his family he has the ability to time travel to different parts of his life. Tim uses his abilities to perfect his past for an even better future, which includes getting the girl and assisting in lives of his loved ones. 


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