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dreaming of goddesses, sunflowers and italian sunshine.

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kinky -_-

my whole existence is flawed (you get me closer to god)

August 24, 2018


she touches you and you dream of cathedrals, of biting teeth drawing ichor from a red-hot soul.

somewhere, you are holy. somewhere is not here. here you are a sinner dressed in golden ashes and the only sound is burning, burning, because the body of this girl brings you to hell.

you are dreaming of cathedrals. you are always dreaming of cathedrals.

god abandoned you long ago. he took a look at her lips on your skin and he knew you were beyond salvation. he told the devil to wait for you.

cathedrals with silver pews. cathedrals with statues of ganymede, naked on a stone bed.

you are ganymede today. you are unholy. the sacrifices ask for purity. for virgins. you are never sacrified.

she whispers the seven sins into your ear. she is made of them. you are moaning broken psalms around her fingers and when you take the lord's name in vain she pushes you onto your knees.

raw wrists, raw ankles, raw voice. you're not in control today. it seems you never are.


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  • jengelman

    the imagery is really good, its just what i want in a story! keep up the good work :)

    about 1 year ago