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angsty relationship thoughts // 8-9-18

December 13, 2018


no. 1
it’s something you see happen in
so many movies and television shows and music and
even though it’s hard, the people eventually
get over it and then it is over.
they make it seem easy.
they make it seem doable.
well, welcome to reality, because
this shit is nothing close to easy.
no. 2
anger, close to foaming at the mouth
yet on the outside, perfectly
and utterly fine
to their eyes.
tears pouring down, can’t
handle this correctly or
well; yet still pulling off
the perfect façade.
happy as can be, yet
still unhappy; distractions
are the only thing keeping
them from going insane.
mood swings and keeping
the emotions hidden is
a huge part of this but after
some time, i know that this will pass.
time heals all wounds...or so they say.


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