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Hello everyone, I would like to make this into a movie script, but as I'm not sure if I'm writing it correctly, I decided to publish this incomplete version first! Please give me feedback, thanks!

Daughter Of Celestialini, A Movie Script ( I Need Opinions!)

August 9, 2018


It was the year 2005, and the 14th of August in the magical city of Celestialini, whose population consisted of only  fairies, mermaids, and the sun was setting gracefully, marking the end of a long day, when Sebastian Amber, a fairy  who worked as a spy for the royal family of Celestialini, hurried towards the forms of his wife Sapphire Amber,  and his six  year old daughter, Joyful Amber, waiting for him at the front of the tiny, pale blue cottage they called home.

He immediately embraced both of them together the moment he reached them, for at least a whole minute, before he spoke.

Sebastian Amber: Joyful!!! How have you been? I'm so sorry I had to leave you and Mummy alone for so long, I promise I'll try not to let this happen again!!

Joyful Amber: Daddy, it's okay! I just missed you very much! Can you please do some magic for me? Please? Since I'm not old enough to learn magic yet?

Sebastian laughed, then took out his wand from his pocket, and made hummingbirds fly out from it.

Joyful Amber: Daddy, how do you do that? It's amazing!

Sapphire Amber: Joyful, I think it would be possible for you to do that one day, if you work hard!  Sebastian, shall we eat dinner first? You must be starving!
I'm so glad that you got back alright!



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  • Majestically Awkward Manatee

    Winners of my mini contest have been announced!

    5 months ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    I noticed just a few mistakes and maybe some places where you could have had better wording but this seems pretty good for a script considering they are hard to write. I do have one question though; do you have a specific age group you are aiming this for? Anyway good luck!

    10 months ago