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August 10, 2018


          He had left, walked away without even saying goodbye,I kept staring at the window hoping that one day he would return, I waited for him replaying and rewinding every moment that we shared together the life that once.I was too young to comprehend anything, everything happened so fast in an instant like scenes in a movie in a flash he was gone.
I cried till my eyes were dry, why did he have to leave..? was it because of me ..? what could have have possible done wrong..? I wondered,so many questions cross-crossed my mind begging for an answer that wasn't there
I moped around feeling sorry for myself, crying myself to sleep every night and rewinding things I should have long let go.He was gone like a wisps in the wind appearing for just a moment and never returning again. So what, was I going to feel empathy and pity myself feeling sorry for myself..? for the rest of my life wishing that time would be reversed so that I could ask him why he left.
             My dad abandoned us when I was only three years old, too young to understand things around me.Honestly most of the time I was in the brink of sinking under the weight of all those wasted opportunity and regretful choices.They said that time come and quickly go, making thinks matter when they aren't supposed to, with time wounds heal, with time seasons come,with time worries are forgotten, bringing with it a grate lesson for life,time makes me someones my existence wont be in vain. I stopped leaving in the past I  knew the past had nothing for me, I rose from self pity the cocoons I had created around myself with self pity. I let go the past and embrace the presents, I learnt to control my feelings at that very moment in the brink of sinking I knew that the past had nothing to offer and my life changed forever.


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