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Edited an old poem

Making Change

December 5, 2018


Out of the dark, I open my eyes.
I once was lost, trapped deep inside my own mind.
Caged up inside. 
But one day I realized:
If I want freedom; If I want happiness, then I must change. I have to pursue it. 
So I fought myself, I fought all of my demons, and I stumbled over and over.
But then one day, I found myself laughing and smiling with those that I love, and realized, that I made it.
Out of the dazed, dreary darkness,
I had awoken from my slumber.
I had risen from my pre dug grave,
I was alive,
I did it. 
I found my own personal victory. 
My own cure.
I did it.

I found a way to make myself whole.

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