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Hello people, my name is Caitlin and I love art and writing, especially pen drawings and poems. I live in a little beach town near Sydney, and my life is pretty average. I go to the local selective high school, Year 7, I love to read, Iced Chocolates and My Computer is everything in my life. My favourite expression is: -_-

Sexuality Education

August 6, 2018


Last year, something big happened, it happened all across australia. People in the playground were talking about it, people on the news were talking about it, EVERYONE was talking about it. What do you think it was, that new carrot shaded president they elected in that weird place America or how that kid down the road won the lottery. Now, I don't know about you but, these were not hot topics at my school and none of them are what I am trying to highlight here, I'm talking about the LGBTQ+ marriage referendum, and in a larger perspective, the community itself. It was BIG, my whole family was united on YES but, most of us children were severely uneducated to make rational decisions. Now, we all know that the vote turned out YES but, where was the education. Where was the information that youths were going to need, to accept the LGBTQ+ community and understand them. Was it to much to ask, for Healthy Harold to talk about coming out and accepting other people for who they are instead of how coffee is a drug we have to stay away from and that the word Meth should not be used in his presence.
Did you know that the full acronym for the LGBTQ+ community is LGBTTQQIAAP. This long acronym stands for lesbian (a girl who likes girls), gay (someone who likes to people of the same gender), bisexual (people attracted to both genders), transgender (people who becomes the opposite gender), transsexual (a person who feels they are of the opposite gender), queer (another word for people attracted to the opposite gender), questioning (people who aren't sure what gender and/or sexuality they are), intersex (people who are born not fully being a male or a female), asexual (someone who has a low want for sexaul activity), ally (someone who supports this community) and pansexual (someone who can be all of the above, none or some, these people are not limited). There are many other acronyms but, even though it is the most inclusive one by far, it is widely criticized for leaving people OUT. It leaves out objectivists and robosexuals, it leaves out animsexuals, the list goes on forever! Im guessing most of you didn't know that and that's the problem. The LGBTTQQIAAP+ community makes up a LARGE section of australia's population, in fact, as of last year, 1 in 15 people aged 20 to 30 identify as being gay, but, hardly anyone I know knows anything about this community except that there are Lesbians, Gay people, Bisexual people and Transgender people in it. How many of you know what a binder is? I can tell you for a fact, I'm not talking about those things we use to store books and paper in. A binder, at least in this context, is a thing Trans people use to tighten their chest before top surgery. When was the last time a teacher or in the very least, Interrelate told you this stuff, sure it might be taught in more senior years, but what about us. My teachers never said, there is more than one sexuality, All the interrelate ladies never said its ok to be gay and the school psychologist definitely never said, coming out is fine.
The truth is, most people who come out, hold back. They hold back because of the insults like “that’s gay”. They hold back because of the hate and mistrust that radiate from homophobes. But most of all, they hold back because they don’t know HOW to come out. They are scared, scared of ridicule, scared of relationships changing, breaking, they are SCARED of being rejected. Without education, without knowledge, these people are scared of what they are, like they are something bad, like who they are isn’t ok. There are things being done but, is it really enough. All of the resources that are available to me are documents about what to do if your child is gay or webchats like  Qlife, for LGBTTQQIAAP+ youths that have ALREADY come out. Where is the file on coming out, where is the PDF on how to stand up to offensive language and where is the video explaining how to treat a friend when they come out?
Let's suppose that the marriage postal vote was only conducted with 100 people, the voting sheet was simple, yes or no. 62 people thought that the everyone should have the basic right to marry the person they love but, that still leaves 38 people thinking that in some way or another, LGBTTQQIAAP+ rights are a bad thing. Seems like alot, doesnt it? What if I told you, 4.87 MILLION people voted no. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but, I can't help feeling sad for this great nation. Australia is supposed to be inclusive, a safe haven for those from across the sea, it says so in our national anthem, but, how can it be, when even our own citizens are divided. How can australia be a country for everyone when those in power, still discriminate against minorities. Do we really want to be remembered as that country, where people hid. We need to help these people, it is shown that 14.1% of people aged between 15 and 19; and 21.25% of people aged between 20 and 24 have engaged in self injury in their lifetime, just being part of the community is shown to triple a person's  chance of being depressed, and according to human rights australia, the most homophobic actions happen AT SCHOOL. We have to stop the homophobia before it's to late, before even kids in kindergarten use gay as an insult, before LGBTTQQIAAP+ youths start to hide away. We need more education on who these people ARE. We need education on how to accept them, how to respect them and most of all, how to include them.
I am an panromantic of the LGBTTQQIAAP+ community and I believe that there should be more education for children about lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans people, transsexual people, queers, questioning people, intersex people, asexual people, pansexual people and all other types of sexuality, on how to come out and treat someone who has come out, on offensive language and how to stop it. I believe in this generation and how we can change the world, with education.


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