Peer Review by Jey Min (SOTA) (Singapore)

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By: Evie Sky


Night closed in upon the sky where daylight breathed a sad goodbye;
No sun aloft to sting my eyes, no torrid heat to cloud my thoughts.
I turned a final time and I beheld the mansion with a sigh;
My pain had wrung me clean and dry; it was adventure that I sought.

But here, I felt, my mood had shifted; free, but still, a weight not lifted;
Now far away my soul had drifted, free, but freedom I felt naught. 
Now, escaped, I realized ever, my plan had if not been so clever;
And here I rest, in pain or pleasure, to feel fulfilled but left distraught. 
And still, that freedom I feel naught. 

Message to Readers

Hey everyone, thank you so much for checking out my poem! I'd love to know what you think, I'm just looking for general feedback x

Peer Review

Every line stands out to me. I like how they rhyme and how they are presented differently through metaphors and sensory imagery.

I feel inspired to write my own piece, and to also try to bring out more emotion in my poems.

How long did it take you to bring your ideas out and put them into words?

Reviewer Comments

Overall, I think this poem was written really well. :)