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House of Helpful Sins: Chapter One

August 9, 2018


‘This is it,’ Wilbur thought,’My new home.’

It was a nicer home than he expected, given he found this place by finding an online ad form the owner asking for a new roommate. And the fact the owners didn’t show a picture of the house. Or let any prospective roommates look inside until they accepted the ad. Matter of fact, Wilbur might get murdered here, but he didn’t care.

He really didn’t care about much of anything anymore.

The house looked old, but well kept. It looked like it was two stories, and the length seemed average. Wilbur went up to the front door, which was a simple in design, and was remarkably average. Wilbur was now wondering what the inside was going to be like, especially the other roommates and or possible murderers.

He knocked on the door with his foot, as he was holding two suitcase full of his stuff. He heard a large crash, then someone running, subsequently falling down, swearing, and to end this unseen disaster, a man opened the door. 

He was shorter than Wilbur, but that wasn’t really much of a feat. He wore a dress pants and dress shoes, but had plain black t-shirt on, as he had knew the concept business causal, but wasn't entirely sure what it meant. He had charcoal hair, which covered his forehead, and almost covered his blue eyes.

“You must be our new roommate!” The man said with a smile,”Come on in, the others are waiting for you!”


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1 Comment

    Interesting... Wonder what the 'others' are like?

    over 1 year ago