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All the things I'll never tell you

August 5, 2018


All the things I'll never tell you;

Starting from you're keen observation skills noticing the unspoken conversations,
Although your bladed sharp wit can be intimidating,
The low hum in you're voice indicates otherwise,
You're a gentle giant.
Or at least gentle,
I'm just short.

As you're aware emotional vulnerability is the sickly, enclosing truth that I always choke on.
But I'm trying to change my apologies to gratefulness so please bare with me

Throughout our forgotten bickering
The bruises and faded scars in our relationship
How our decisiveness seems to cancel each others out
We may both be a mess 
But thank you for not loosing your grip when all I want to do is shutdown

Thank you for the adventures that history will forget;
The times we spontaneously reorganised our kitchens with flour and icing sugar,
Swallowed in blankets watching the Queer Eye on your iPad,
Mini dance parties,
Fashion shows, with the newest seasons being whatever we recently bought,
Laughing over nothing but the world itself,
Kicking flames and turning chocolate wrappers into ashes,
"Patiently" waiting outside in the rain for the chocolate mousse to set,
Constant nagging of, "Do you like it?" and "I don't believe you."
Energetic mornings and sleepy afternoons,
Thank you for the comfort in a hug I never understood
Or the ability to sit contently in silence.

Just a reminder to your self doubt;
You may think you're a bad friend,
but in comparison to the rest of the world
You're golden, okay.

Another thing, you're interesting
Hardly average,
I cannot comprehend how you think otherwise
So stop because for the sake of this what I say is fact!

I understand my moods/emotions change with every passing thought,
my opinion of you remains mostly the same.
You have the uncanny ability of making me not feel obligated to being awake/energetic nor happy
I appreciate you supporting me even though it's difficult, in particular on my 'off days'
In a world where life is a bit of a competition, you make me feel valued.

These are the things I should tell you.
Funny how I'm willing to share this with the rest of the world but not the person this is to. I'm considering of handing this to them and if I do then I'll delete this. It's kind of a poem, more or less. This isn't a romantic love but platonic. Platonic love is underrated T_T

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  • Anha

    In the second and fourth line of the first stanza, "you're" should be "your". In the second line of the second stanza, "bare" should be "bear". "Shutdown" in stanza 3 should be "shut down". I really like the end of the first stanza - "You're a gentle giant. /Or at least gentle, /I'm just short." It's an adorable poetic contrast. Platonic love IS underrated, well done!

    about 3 years ago