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Message to Readers

I know this piece is similar to my other piece, It's The Little Things, but I was feeling particularly emotional today, because on Sunday I will leave the house I as good as grew up in, and will possibly never return.

Root by Root

August 3, 2018


I am being torn apart,
root by root by root.

I am being
out of my
and pushed into reality.

I can see it all now in my mind so clearly,
the house
I as good as grew up in.

When I was regretful, the house provided me solace. 

The enchanting garden where I used to play,
the ledge where I read my books,
my siblings, cousins and I would chat or play
or I would listen to the faint dim
of my grandfather's favoured country music.

Sitting there alone,
with friends,
or with family,
was my tiny corner of heaven.

My tiny corner of solace, away from reality, a corner I could just be... me. 

But slowly, I am being forced away from my corner. A corner I turned to in times of need, a corner that provides shelter, provides love, provides the shadows of memory.

The shadows of memory I can hide in. I can hide in, and fool myself into never coming out.

But I will never see my corner again. And slowly, my roots, the roots I set down here in this house,
are being torn away.

Root by root by root.


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  • chrysanthemums&ink

    q&a answers are out :)

    6 months ago
  • The Great Gabs-by

    I love your imagery and the nostalgia ebbing from your stanza of memory (enchanting garden). It really is a beautiful piece

    over 2 years ago