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Jacie XP

United States

Hello pedestrians! Jacie XP here just being awesome like usual!
I'm a teen girl trapped by school (which is bleh).
I'm working on a story called Return, but I'm often distracted by other projects.

Message to Readers

This is the first part of a new story I'm working on. What do you think so far?

RED (Prologue)

December 21, 2015


Having the touch of death can really screw up your life, especially when you just happen to be immortal. I’ve killed so many people, I can’t even look in the mirror anymore. The people I touched before I learned and the people who touched me. That girl that brushed past me in the village so many years ago, barely touching my arm. She died three days later. And I had to flee once again. As hard as I try to isolate myself, someone always finds me.
Face it, I told myself, people are everywhere these days.
I can easily remember the times when huge stretches of the world were uninhabited by Humans. Now there’s hardly a single place in the world that hasn’t been chopped down, evened out, or developed. I’ve watched humans wreck this world all while wondering, what about my home? Is it gone too?
In case it wasn’t obvious when I mentioned the whole “touch of death” thing, I’m not from this world. No, I’m not an alien or a Martian or from Venus. I’m from Earth, just not this dimension. Not the Human dimension. Inter-dimensional travel is a very real thing. I was born in Emensia, a dimension parallel to this one. As far as I know, no three headed people or anything like that live there. It’s the land of magic.
And my homeworld.
But I wasn’t welcome there. I’m not welcome in Emensia’s partnerworld, Glisolorus either. It’s all because of my parents. As if murdering them wasn’t enough, I had to be banished too.
See, my mother was one of the Efilin. Her name was Hera and she was the younger sister of Emensia’s creator, Athena. Efilin were the second most powerful race in existence. They had wings and could fly and were born with amazing powers. If they didn’t have a certain power, they could train in manipulating magic until they learned to master it. Hera had some of the most amazing powers. She was sweet and kind and beautiful and she made Athena so jealous.
But she fell in love with the wrong man.
My father was a Shadow Demon named Nenjisongi. Shadow Demons aren’t actually demons, they’re just called that by the Efilin. They have power of lightning and can change their form to become shadows. Another reason why the Efilin hate them, Shadow Demons are the only race that can possess Humans. Even though most of them don’t, the Efilin still use it as a reason that Shadow Demons are “bad”.
Especially Athena.
Efilin and Shadow Demons were forbidden from being together, and not just because the races hated each other. Most magical DNA wasn’t compatible with DNA from another race. So if say a Human and a Shadow Demon had a child, it would have traits from both parents, but could only be a Human or a Shadow Demon. Not both.
And that’s where the problem was.
Out of all the magical beings in existence, the only ones with compatible DNA are the Efilin and the Shadow Demons. If they have a child, it’s a being of a completely different race.
Enter the Shanefs.
Half Efilin, half Shadow Demon, Shanefs have wings and can turn into shadows. They can develope new powers and are born immortal. They’re the most powerful beings in existence.
And incredibly dangerous.
Shanefs don’t fit in. And they can throw the entire universe off balance. So naturally, they’re viewed as bad.
Which is kind of my fault.
One day, Hera went to Athena for help. She was having complications with her newborn child.
Hera confessed everything about falling in love with Nenjisongi and my touch of death. Anyone who touched me would die, provided that they weren’t immortal. I also had this “aura of cold” problem and could chill a room in minutes.
To be blunt, Athena was mad. She killed Hera for “disgracing the family” and banished me from Emensia. That was 1,366 years ago. A lot has happened since then.
Like I’ve killed thousands of people. And I wear black, leather jackets all of the time to stay warm. Apparently I’m not immune to my own aura of cold. I also don’t like having my skin exposed. As long as no one can touch me, no one will die. There’s nowhere I can go to let off some steam and finally get a chance to stretch my wings. I’ve discovered snickers bars which should’ve been invented hundreds of years ago (along with leather jackets).
And I’ve started killing less people.
But I’ve been relentlessly tracked by the REA, or Rogue Emensian Agency, for centuries. They find magical beings that are causing problems in the Human world and bring them back to Emensia.
Emensia being the magical world home to Faeries, Pixies, Elves, and Fairies.
But no Efilin. Not anymore. I’m not sure why.
Glisolorus is still home to the Shadow Demons. Nothing really changed there. No one even knows who the Efilin are anymore. I don’t know any more than that. When it comes to Emensia, I’m really far out of the loop. I could try to go back, except for the fact that I don’t have the ability to open up a portal, the only way to get to Emensia.
My mother named me Redina, which in Emesnian means “the bringer of death.” So obviously, I go by Red. I love leather jackets and snickers bars. I’m always heavily armed just in case I have to fight off someone from the REA. Even though I’m in my 1,360’s, I look like I’m 17. I’ve never met anyone that I can actually touch without killing.
And that’s the only power I’ve ever wanted to have.


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