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I like sunsets and reading and writing.
I make nice lists and attempt poetry.
I write what comes to mind.

Message to Readers

I don't intend to offend anyone, but recently I have been feeling very un-pretty and wanted to write this for myself. That's what writing is about for me, it's not for anyone else. It's for me. I'm sorry if you don't agree with this piece, but I wrote it for me.

pretty beautiful

August 5, 2018


What's the big deal with being pretty?
Pretty isn't only not everything.
Pretty isn't a definition. 
Pretty is a description. 
What is considered pretty varies from person to person.
When we love someone, the way we see them changes, they become pretty.
And no, not everyone is pretty
This sounds harsh and goes against everything we've been taught.
But what's the big deal with being pretty?
Being pretty won't stop wars. 
Being pretty won't feed the hungry.
Being pretty doesn't give to the poor.
Being pretty will get likes on a photo.
Not to say people don't possess beauty, indeed they do. 
But beauty isn't winged eyes or contoured cheeks. 
No, a person's beauty is in the way they behave.
A kind person is a beautiful person.
A loving person is a beautiful person.
A generous person is a beautiful person.
A joyful person is a beautiful person. 
Being pretty isn't needed to be beautiful.


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