My name is Talise and I write to express myself. I believe that everyone should have a voice even someone like me who is just 13. Please do not judge me by my age as that would be highly primitive and extremely rude:)

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In the words of Oscar Wilde...
"Be yourself because everyone else is taken."
I strive to be a valuable, approachable and inspirational member of write the world so please feel free to ask me anything you like, don't be shy :)
I appreciate any feedback, comments and reviews, positive or constructive!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love yourself, the world around you and feel free to be you!

P.S. If you would like to contact me outside of WTW my email is rosemary.n.sage9@gmail.com and my IG is @_talise65_

Dear Teddy

August 2, 2018


Delicate and intricately designed hung a small Teddy bear around my neck. He's shiny and gold and has a tiny face and limbs. Upon his face lies kind eyes, a button nose and the happiest and most content smile in the world! Cold and slippery sits Teddy on my chest, his sharp edges almost dangerous but Teddy wouldn't harm anyone, he's the best. Speaking in a whisper endemic to my ear, Teddy talks ever so clear but only if you listen closely can you hear. The metallic scent Teddy gives off is comforting to me, like the energetic buzz of a bee. You can taste when Teddy is around. This is how I sense him without sight or sound. Although I am trained, this taste is hard to be found. Passed down by generation Teddy is old. We keep him in the family by him never being sold. We seem to like the way he lingers, the way he's cold. 
Teddy fell down a crack one day, lost it completely, there was no other way. I won't be seeing him tomorrow or the next day. Maybe Teddy will find someone new, maybe he'll find something else to do. 
Safe is the word that comes to mind by me knowing teddys not far behind.
I wrote this piece at one of Jacqui Malins amazing workshops. GO find, contact, to a workshop, meet, listen to a poem of Jacqui Malins; the point is she is awesome!


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  • _TJNR@cheshire_


    over 1 year ago
  • Riley Noel

    This is such a beautifully simple piece!

    over 1 year ago
  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    Thank you (:

    almost 2 years ago

    I love this piece; it's beautiful. Great job on it and never stop writing :)

    almost 2 years ago