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yet ANOTHER piece! today i felt like writing and this is what came out. this is inspired by the famous The Lipstick if you haven't noticed, you should definitely read if you haven't. this may or may not have a second part that could end the story as i dislike pushing a story that is clearly meant to be short. please bare with me. thank you for reading!! (also im having a hard time changing my pfp, would have loved it if it wasnt so difficult (for me yikes)) lmk what you think!

Gone With The Wind

August 1, 2018


        If only I can turn back time, and go back to that night, and save her. I just, dont know from who.
      I know it wasn't her, i just know it. But who was it? was it an outsider? maybe someone broke in? maybe if I put those damned security cameras i promised her i would.
   She had a fear, no a phobia, of someone breaking in, she feared not being able to handle it, thats why she hired me. she was too good for me.
       She hired me as a "maid" to "help" her around the house, but I know that it was for me to be company, to make her feel....safer?
      She was a beautiful, classy lady with sunkissed skin and beautiful dark curls that came out of her head like rays come out of the sun. She always liked to make the things she owned look like her, feel like her; thats why her house still has her smell, and her fallen hairs she'd complain about on the floor, and the always cleaned, pure white kitchen.
       She hated when the weekend came because I would have to go, I offered to stay, but she said it was not fair, and that she is overreacting, and that she goes out in the weekend, she just fears not going out in the weekend, now--then.
        Her signature red lipstick that could glow in the dark, and would never let you forget this remarkable woman that you were lucky enough to have met.
       I was walking by her house the other day, since, fortunately and unfortunately it is on my way home, and stopped and stared right at it, like I'd see through it, like I'd finally know what happened that night, during the cold September.
        And as I was lost and in deep thought, a tap on my back got my attention, and I slowly turned around.
        A small figure stood behind me, a beautiful lady with pale skin and cold eyes. She wore a hard expression on her face, unreadable and proceeded to speak.
      "greetings, I am very sorry for your loss." she offers her glove covered hands which i unhesitantly shaked.
      "Did the police find anything?" she asks, "no," i whisper, "nothing has been found,"
        "What about the autopsy?" she asks another question, and she worries me.
       "Nothing wrong found in her system, may i ask how do you know her?" i finally ask, and she replies surely, like she has an answer memorized.
       "I live close in the neighborhood, me and Ms. Pearls were not friends but i do know her, and have heard of the awful news," "yeah, well, nice to meet you,"
"lovely to meet you," she smiles at me, the only expression other than the stone cold stare i have seen so far on her face.
       "Maybe you should check under her bed," she whispers, and looks around like someone's watching.
      "Once again, my sincere apologies for your loss." i look at the house, "and that's not the only thing i'm sorry for,"
        And when i look back to ask for some sort of an explanation, the lady was not there. And then i knew the entire day would be spent thinking about a murder, the unknown object under my dead lady's bed, and a lady gone with the wind.


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