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The Taste Of Joy

December 21, 2015

Joy is like a cupcake;
The buttery goodness mixed with the crumbly cake, it melts in your mouth and you want to savor every second. You know it doesn't last forever, for it can crumble apart whenever.

But Joy is also like a gummy;
Its hard on the outside and squishy on the inside. You have to dig deep into it and unlock its flavor, ignore the barrier, fight your way in.

But mostly Joy is like Joy; 
It can be something you want to savor, or something you want to unlock. Joy is what you make it, it could be a pinapple; delicious but a rare treat, something you don't get very often. Or it could be lemonade, a sweet treat, but sometimes sour. You can make joy taste the way you like it.


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