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It’s sort of rubbish so don’t fret over it.

West Was Us

July 31, 2018

PROMPT: The World Anew

       I can’t right now. I want to vent my frustration. The first boy that I truly wanted to be more than a friend had anchors tied to his feet as we talked of the ocean. He would tell me of a West I’d  never seen. Green and cold but holding the joys of his youth. I know an ocean that is bitter. It bites at the touch but drags you in nonetheless. If you let it take you it will beat you in the shore. The last time I touched my ocean I had salt in my lungs and shaking limbs before I left. It is something fear. Like the depths of his sorrows. I’m puddle jumping away from my pain with wind pushing me East everymore. The light is green through the trees. This forest I now call home is not the forest he loved. Though I am not the girl he loves. I thought he told me everything as I told him all I had to offer but he held back. Like the wave before it beats you back to shore. She matches him in a way I never can. I have anchors on my feet and though they clinked with his. His heart is afloat in thought of her. Not adrift in our misery. Sorry this is blabber. I wanted to write but it’s no good right now. I’ll try again tomorrow. Review if you’d like.


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  • 16missing

    LOVE THIS! I felt so much emotion while I was reading it and if u think this is rubbish it's proabably because you've written better. But we don't think this is rubbish. I'm probably not making any sense. I'm trying to say YOU ARE AMAZING AND EVERYTHING U WRITE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! I don't know how to stress it enough :)

    about 3 years ago
  • Luna Lemon

    THIS is rubbish. Man, I guess I gotta go delete all my pieces now... jk, this was AMAZING. You're great at imagery and your writing style flows really well. Keep writing:)

    about 3 years ago