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When I was little, I wrote stories about things I could never do, but wished to, people I would never meet, but wished to. Today I write to be heard. For being heard is as important to me, as it would be for those who can not speak. I write to understand myself in a way that fiction is believed by children - to draw a character and breath life into them, is to ignite the fire in hundreds, if not thousands of people.

If you write, congratulations - you’re a writer. Though, you are not an author until the ink that flows from pen to paper creates a story unlike any you’ve ever heard - the story that leads you down your own yellow brick road.

I wish to one day be not a legend, but a legacy for the next generation.
Who will you be?

Love Like Ours

July 31, 2018

1. I stand among the tall grass, admiring the flowers that grow among his garden, as the vines climb up my legs, dragging me into his eyes.

2. I didn’t notice the rain that had begun to fall, until it was but too late. 

3. He would never catch the tear that dared slip down my cheek, for then he’d know it was his.

4. Snapped back into reality, like a stretched rubber band released, when I awoke to find the greenest eyes staring into my own - searching.

5. If love could burn your spirit, then my soul would be scorched - for what he had done was forever unforgivable. What he had done forever unforgettable.


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  • RedWriter

    I really like the third and fifth one, and the 1st... they are all really good.

    about 2 years ago