Peer Review by Grace Maneein (United States)

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By: LackingASocialLife



                Comfort and certainty 
                during a time of great suffering.

But where can you find solace?
Well, I find it

In the arms of one another,
In the quiet of empty rooms,
In playgrounds it can be discovered,
And in hidden stores, it looms.

It's found in the ripples of water,
It's present in the sound of birds,
It's around when you're an author-
And you find the perfect words.

It's there in the evening moonlight,
And in the glow of a summer morn,
It's inside those with eyes shining bright,
And in roses without a thorn.

It's there when you glide through clovers,
Or finish a perfect bake,
I feel it when I sleep over,
And I'm the only one awake.

When you push you feet into the ground,
And hold your hands real tight,
In the stableness, it will be found,
And you'll finally feel just right.

When someone loves you through the hurt,
When you're alone and start to sing,
This is what brings you comfort,
During a time of suffering.

Mindfulness: An anxiety-reducing practice of thinking my therapist taught me. Spend 5-10 minutes a day and devote everything to your senses. Whether you lie down and concentrate on one single instrument in a song or if you sit and have your eyes follow one bird, you concentrate on that sense and nothing else- no thoughts, nothing. When your mind wanders, go back to what you were doing. Mindfulness is what I was concentrating on in this piece.

Peer Review

The definition in the beginning, "comfort and certainty during a time of great suffering", gives the rest of the piece a sophisticated feel, and I'm completely digging it.

I feel soothed, I feel calm. I feel like solace is just around the corner. I love how the ending wraps up the rest of the poem by reinforcing what was stated in the definition. However, if there's one thing I must say, I have to admit that it's odd that you started the poem in firsts person ("well, I find it") and ended it in a second person point of view. I feel like this poem could be much improved if all instances of the second person POV was changed to first person, because it doesn't line up with the rest of your poem. That being said, I find this piece lovely as is.

Did writing this piece give you solace?

Reviewer Comments

I love how this piece was based around the mindfulness technique. Anxiety or not, I think we could all afford to tear out eyes away from our devices and pay more attention to our surroundings.