Marvellous Ashlea the Intergalactic Cat


Message to Readers

On the holidays I went on a trip to Central Australia and wanted to write about it. Enjoy! :)


July 30, 2018



There are lost lands.
They are out west, in a place where mountains are disguised as rocks.
Those lands are flat, rocky and even dangerous.
But they are beautiful.
In places you can stand and see plains and grasslands stretch on forever.
In places there are clouds billowing like a sail on an endless sea.
In places you can see the bright blue sky forever.
In places when night falls, the sky comes alive with countless sparkling stars, glittering like a thousand hearts pumping.
No beginning, no end.
If you ask people if they have seen this, very few have.
These are places of freedom, of drought and rain.
These are places of stories, of myths and legends.
These are places of beauty, of flat lands and rolling hills.
Many don’t realise how much they are missing.
You just have to look and admire.
I’ve been there.
Out to the lost lands.
Where you can chase the playful wind and touch the endless sky.
Where freedom shows true meaning. 


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