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Hi, my names Maddy and I'm a sixteen year old from Australia. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved reading, writing, dancing and fangirling. I write stories every Friday afternoon at a Writer's Club I joined last year.

Message to Readers

I understand that this writing isn't my best, or very good, so please keep the feedback constructive and polite. :)

The Smaller Memories

December 20, 2015

Sometimes when you lose someone precious the only memories you seem to hold dearest to your heart are the abstract, unimportant everyday little things that had almost no impact on you at all. The laughter, the conversations, the hugs, everything that we don’t reflect upon until it’s too late. I’ve always pictured these memories to be futile in purpose, why should we try remembering when all it does is hurt. Maybe that’s why we don’t think about the big memories but only the little ones, maybe that’s why the little memories have the biggest impact, because they’re something we want and don’t want at the same time. I can still remember losing my Grandmother, I saw her nearly every day, old habits die hard I guess. I’d like to remember the big things, the smiles and unconditional love, yet I don’t believe I’m ready to properly embrace these memories. Yet, where I fail in recalling the most important of times the small memories come to my rescue, reminding me of the most insignificant of events such as the tea parties I had with my grandparents. I can still recall coming home from school and every now and then finding a table ladled with tea cups and tea pots, decorated with the most delicious of jam drop fairy cakes, presenting me with the most mouth-watering of chocolate biscuits. I loved my afternoon tea parties with my grandparents, the afternoon tea parties I now try so hard to forget. But the small memories will always be there. If a year ago someone had told me that fairy cakes would always bring a tear to my eye, and that chocolate biscuits and tea would fill my heart with an overwhelming sense of warmth, I would have scorned them, I like my tea parties but not that much. How wrong was I. I like to think that I don’t want to recollect those lazy evenings, but really I’m just kidding myself. Thank God for my fairy cakes with the jam drops in the middle, thank God for tea, thank God for chocolate biscuits. So many people have unromantic views on food, it’s just there for our survival, it’s not something to be enjoyed, but in contrast the human race’s only purpose is to act as a key link in the world’s ecosystem, yet we all know that we are so much more than just Homo sapiens. I love food because it doesn’t represent survival to me, it represents memories, fun times, the better days. I could never be more grateful for the food that continually finds ways to connect me to my Grandmother in subtle, yet significant ways. Thank you God for food. 


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