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Well, this is what came to mind.

About Time.

July 29, 2018


She tried, but she's so tired.
She keeps going, but she's broken. 
No one notices, she hides it so very well.
So tired of lying about what she's feeling,
so sick of trying, 
this is it she wants to hang from any ceiling. 
Don't blame her please, 
she kept going for people's sake, 
and she'll keep living even if she's hurt, by every breath she takes. 
Because she loves. 
And she loves hard.
Can someone set her free? 
Will someone do the honors? 
Document the dates and the time. 
Date of birth, and date of death. 
Time of birth? 7:30pm
time of death? Finally bout time. 



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  • 16missing

    Breathe and live for those u love

    about 3 years ago