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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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i came around writing more in my google drive and putting it on here now your fully caught up to where i am currently writing sorry if i made rarity a bit too iffy in this chapter for rarity's fans don't worry fantasy writer whole story isnt about meeting the maine six she is gonna have a group of her soon enough once all this is sorted out *spoilers*

Reality to Equestria chapter 3

December 19, 2015


no it wasn't for you it's just i had this vision that i will become an alicorn but with you here i feel like fate has changed” “twilight i am not your best friend i am your friend why don't you tell pinkie pie this “ “THAT'S the thing i'm nervous she's gonna say what i think she is gonna say” “and that is….” “it's true”   ‘well i can't just let you stand around and mope all day you're coming with me to sugar cubes corner” “oh please YOU'RE staying here until celestia comes” “you think YOU have control over me” “exactly you have no control you're not a princess just a lost alicorn “ “oh please” “hey you stay here while i'm gone i don't want ponyville be in havoc” “in season 1 you are such a clueless child aren't you” “what did you say?” “i …..don't…..know….”  as twilight left i went over to spike “ twilight told me to stand guard while she's gone we don't want anypony finding out that the pony twilight found unconscious in the everfree was an alicorn” “so ponies already know that i was found but they don't know what pony type i am” “basically yea” “but how did you get crowds of ponies not her i mean come on it gotta at least bring a few ponies here” “like i said i've been standing guard  every time a pony asks i say it's the order of the princesses but then more ponies come until luna herself came and looked to see if there was any dreams but by the time she did you already woke up by twilight brushing off pinkie and RD “ “i don't know about you spike but i lost you went you said its” “hue hue hue very funny now go back upstairs before somepony sees you” “NAH i wanna make twilight mad it's fun” “but would you make the princess mad?” “ehh yes and no you see by royalty no but i am also a princess so that basically goes to their standards  and yes because the way twilight talks about the princesses makes me think they AT LEAST trolled her  and pranked her a FEW TIMES AT LEAST but mostly celestia “ “you have a point but even if i do let you outside you need to wear something so twilight doesn't recognize you and so nopony knows your a alicorn” i let out a loud niegh “fine but where can i find a pony willingly to help disguise me” spike went up to a book full of notes and hand it to me “here are all of the map coordinates of twilight's friends homes just in case of an emergency “ “like what??” “i dunno twilight overreacts a lot but with just experiencing nightmare moon i'm betting she doesn't want any of her friends in danger” “makes sense so who should i teleport to?” “first off be careful you might be an alicorn but you just woken up and by the looks of seems you never use magic before so make sure you don't teleport to the wrong place or burn yourself on accident second off   is that even a question? rarity of course!” i looked down the list of places and found carousel boutique “you said she lives here?” “eyup “ “wish me luck” i stood in the position for the spell and as i murmured the the words a mixed colored aura of blue ,pink, and purple filled the room and wrapped around me i couldn't see everything was white but i kept on saying the spell everything flashed around me i blinked …..and found myself inside a boutique filled with many different highly fashioned clothes around me “CAROUSEL BOUTIQUE IS CLOSED AT THE MOMENT i am TRYING to make a perfect  dress for a very strict client right now and she hates waiting after all with her very high social status in canterlot ! now who dares interrupted me at a time like this?” it was dark where i was standing so when she saw me she didn't notice my wings i ask with a kind voice hoping not to upset her more “are you rarity?” “and who might you be interrupting me during a very important meeting with a client of mine?” “fran...fantasy writer…” “well nice to you fantasy writer you must be new to town sorry how i acted before having a client from canterlot who can bring the stress level up a notch” i walked out of shadows slowly as she gasp “you're an ALICORN my i'd never thought i will meet a pony of such high standards” i shushed her mouth “please don't shout i don't want anypony to find out” “but you don't understand dear the world must know we have another protector to keep equestria safe!” i facehoofed “look rarity i don't want twilight to recognize me so can you please make a outfit that covers my horn or wings or even possibly both” “why did you make twilight mad? oh don't worry she'll get over it eventually everypony does” “no it's not that have you heard the rumors of twilight saving a pony from the everfree forest?” “well yes but i don't believe in such petty rumors why is there something i missed” i was so close to facehoofing again but i kept myself under control “rarity…” “yes?” “the pony twilight saved was ME” the face of rarity looked like she was about to over react and say “out of all the worst possible things THIS IS THEE WORST POSSIBLE THING “ yep she said it a few seasons early but she said it “my my why would you want to get away from twilight “ “she wouldn't let me out of house” rarity had a light bulb shining over her head  “i have a idea”   


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  • FantasyWriter

    and spoilers is suppose to be spoiler alert!

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    her OWN soon enough
    Man! how many mistakes can i make !

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    error her is suppose to be here when she ask spike "but how did you get crowds of ponies not HERE i mean come on it gotta at least bring a few ponies here”

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