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how can i tell her

July 29, 2018


how can i tell her
all she is.
that her heart
has moved mountains
in a single beat. that her
mind glows auburn in the
darkness. that her passion
drives others when they
have lost themselves. in
joy or heartbreak or mere
despondency i reach for
her hand: she cannot
see that gratitude is
not fitting enough for the
worlds she has given me.
it is odd that the only person
she cannot give her kindness
to is herself.

how do i show her
that she is so much
more than them. that
i spend every moment
enthralled by her march
through the flame, moulding
the ash they left her
into magic. she is a
collision of ideas, a
magnitude of space and
secrets, and hungry for the
strength only knowledge can

why, then, must i
watch her destroyed;
the only thing she
allows to break her is
already within. if you
hear something enough
you can only begin
to assume it originated
somewhere between
the cracks of your
own subconscious.
echoes are natural.

how can i bear to
hear her banish
herself. pride would be
vanity - far better to
believe you are nothing
and have others confirm it.
i watch her ebb away
as she chips into the
vast expanses of her
painting it instead
with bright, empty colours.
it has no place
in this world...
she has been told often enough.

how can i tell her
everything she means
in a crowd of
people too absorbed
to see the fissures
in her smile.
i cannot compress the
fire of her significance
into the line of an ink pen.
darling, you have built
too much to be crumbled
by thoughtlessness.

so how can I tell you?
i am speechless
because the truth is
that you are all you need to be
and an eternity more.

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  • RedWriter

    Amazing and enthralling

    about 3 years ago
  • ~Kate T

    Gorgeous writing.

    about 3 years ago
  • Maya.Rae

    Beautiful story

    about 3 years ago
  • Riley Noel

    Wow, this is so beautiful and incredibly well written!

    about 3 years ago